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Facebook Votes

facebook Photo votes - Videos Votes for contests

Buy facebook votes for your voting contest - win voting contests!.Get likes or votes on any link,photo contests,video contests
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Procedure : You need to send us your link where you would like to have facebook votes or likes as soon we will receive it we will start putting ordered likes or votes,the whole process will take 24-48 hours max

depending on the ordered amount

We can deliver facebook likes on any web link including fanpages , apps and websites.

Payments and orders:

How to order::

  • Email your contest link to sales@socialbumpup.com
  • In email add instructions about the procedure of voting
  • Tell the total amount of facebook likes or votes you need
  • Give us the time frame for voting and getting likes
  • We will check out your voting link and will confirm if the contest link is working properly here and we are able to put votes & likes or not
  • Paypal Invoice will be sent, as soon you will pay your order will get delivered in next 24-48 hours
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    If you have any queries email to sales[-@-]socialbumpup.com you will hear a response shortly

    Facebook likes

    Get facebook likes on your photo,comments,status updates,fanpages or on any website link.This will help to win contests,show off social media strength and of course more fans will help to go viral socially

    Facebook subscribers

    Buy facebook subscribers or like for your profile or fanpage.Ideal for music artists and online businesses.More subscribers show off social strength and add the credibility factor to your offerings people will be more interested in your services and checking out the stuff you trying to market

    Buy facebook comments

    Buy facebook comments on any facebook link you want - it will help to increase sales and hype.Improves service credibility .Product having 100's of comments proves as testimonial of quality assurance.So it's ideal for people selling online products,People participating in facebook contests as 1000's of facebook likes or facebook votes and no comments underneath it will make your likes or votes look suspicious you might get kicked off from the contest as well.


    Facebook Status Update Service

    Unique social media marketing strategy Get a promotional blast reach 1000's of facebook users in no time Send you advertisement to 50,000 plus usa targeted fans.Imagine the amount of exposure you can get in quick time.Just give your fanpage link,website link,music site,video link,sale page etc.Any link you want to put in front of thousands of users.

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  • Fanpage status update to 30,000+ fans......15$
  • Fanpage status update to 42,000+ fans......25$
  • Fanpage status update to 90,000+ fans......30$
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    Facebook likes - Facebook Votes - Facebook Comments



      Facebook likes / votes

    • 100 facebook likes......15$
    • 200 facebook likes......30$
    • 300 facebook likes......45$
    • 500 facebook likes......75$
    • 1000 facebook likes...150$
    • Facebook Comments

    • 100 facebook Comments......15$
    • 200 facebook Comments......30$
    • Email votes for contests

    • 100 email votes........15$
    • 500 email votes........75$
    • 1000 email votes......150$
    • Google - Youtube - Twitter Services:

    • Google Plus+1 votes.....11$/100 google votes
    • Twitter Followers............20$/1000 followers
    • Youtube views.................20$/1000 views

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    Get a custom fanpage fanpage design - Youtube Designs - Twitter designs - Facebook timeline cover designs

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